Thursday, February 24, 2011

Batch 1988 Themesong

Alumni Themesongs (Per Batch)

Reminding each batch of the following materials due for submission on April 30, 2011.
  • Batch Themesong reminiscent of your grade school days
  • Group pictures during grade school days
Hurry up and submit before the due date... first batch to complete the same will earn points!!!

Souvenir Program

Covers - P5,000/ page
  1. Inside front Cover - Kuya Archie Amano's Batch
  2. Inside Back Cover - Kuya Tom Amano's Batch
  3. Back Cover - GBBC
Whole Page - P3,000/ page
  1. Nick Gormate, Et Al
  2. Batch '93 Courtesy of Engr. Telly Cardoso
  3. Gracky Enterprises
  4. Mr. & Mrs. William Gadicho
  5. Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Nacionales, Children & Grandchildren
  6. Pau, Merwin & Nick Diocampo
  7. Marian Macabutas and Sisters
  8. Mr. & Mrs. Jude Nicodemus A. Arididon
  9. Mr. & Mrs. Nicodemo V. Arididon, Children & Grand Children
  10. Batch '87 Courtesy Merwina Diocampo
  11. Batch '99 c/o Girlie B. Cardoso
  12. Ms. Mashie Balais, Mimel Balais, Renato Catalogo, Vivian Delantar-Chan, Marian Delantar, Arlene Camenforte, Marissa Baltazar, Ashley Ann Baltazar, Valerie Ann Baltazar, Otilia Cabusas, Ma. Ruby Rinon, Ryan Tigas
  13. Mrs. Aurea Amano & Children Courtesy of Kuya Ted Amano
  14. Mr. Ramel Cenil
  15. Batch '90 Courtesy of Ruby G. Rinon
  16. Mr. & Mrs. Noel Rinon & Children
 Half Page - P2,000.00/ page
  1. Mr. & Mrs. Serafin Balais
  2. Batch '89 Courtesy of Florifel Balais
  3. Reserved c/o Engr. Hikee Gamalo
  4. Reserved c/o Engr. Hikee Gamalo
Quarter Page - P1,000.00/ page
  1. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Elisan
Eighth Page - P750.00/ page
Deadline for the materials for the AD is on May 15, 2011. Please e-mail material to of

Deadline for the payment of AD is on May 30, 2011. Please remit payments to Araceli J. Canillas (Balangiga) or thru UnionBank Savings Account No. SA#10-945-046232-8, under MA. NERLIZA ARIDIDON-CENTENO.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Souvenir Program - Solicitation Letter

January 2011
Balangiga Central Elem, School (BCES)
Class 1985 - 1986
The Organizing Batch Class 1985-1986 is laying the groundwork for the successful conduct of the First Grand Alumni Homecoming in August 06-07, 2011 at the Municipality of Balangiga, Balangiga Eastern Samar. We are looking forward to the generous participation of all batches from the time the school was founded up to the graduates 2000. We intend to document this event via a Souvenir Program which will also serve as our venue to acknowledge people who have generously shared their time, talent and financial resources.

In this regard, we are requesting your financial assistance to be one of our advertisers, donors or sponsors to defray the cost of printing and other expenses relative to the preparation of this souvenir program, and to finance the initial expenses for the reunion, such as printing of ivitations, VIP passes, advertisements, tarpaulins, downpayment for the table & chairs services, lights and sounds, still photos & video of the event, prizes & tokens, and the expenses for the decoration of the venue. The excess funds will be used to fund school projects, school facility improvements and other projects of the Alumni in coordination with the school's PTA. We hope for your kind understanding regarding this matter.
Please refer to the attached schedule of fees for the corresponding rates of your advertisement commitment. Should you have further questions, please feel free to call the undersigned at Tel No. 403-3352/ 403-4094; Mobile No. +63928 5051595.

Thank you very much and may God reward you all a hundredfold for your generosity.

Respectfuly yours,

Ma. Nerliza Arididon-Centeno
BCES Alumni Over All Coordinator

Schedule of Fees

Contorl No. 001

We are happy to give my/ our share to ensure success of the Balangiga Central Elem. School (BCES) 1st Grand Alumni Homecoming activities by advertising to the Souvenir Program particularly on the item marked below:

__________ P5,000.00 - Inside Front Cover (Reserved)
__________ P5,000.00 - Inside Back Cover (Reserved)
__________ P5,000.00 - Back Cover (Reserved)
__________ P3,000.00 - Whole Page
__________ P2,000.00 - Half Page
__________ P1,000.00 - Quarter Page
__________ P 750.00 - Eight Page

For your payments, please remit them directly to the Batch's Budget & Finance Coordinator (Balangiga) Araceli J. Canillas or deposit/ remit them to Unionbank of the Philippines, Savings Account SA#109450462328 under the name of MA. NERLIZA A. CENTENO, on or before May 30, 2011. Kindly advise us the details of your payment by sending an email to or

Please send us the materials of your ads on or before May 15, 2011 at this email address: or

Please keep your acknowledgement receipts for future reference.

Exploratory Meeting - Manila Based Alumni on Feb. 26, 2011 (Saturday) 02:00pm Quezon City Cirle

Hi All Manila Based BCES Alumni:

The Organizing Batch of this year's 1st BCES Grand Alumni Homecoming is exploring the possibilities of holding a meeting here in Manila, in February 26, 2011, Saturday at around 2:00pm.

This forum aims to enable everyone to voice their questions, concerns and or clarifications regarding the event and in turn will give the Organizing Batch the opportunity to outline the purpose, the specifics and the preparations for the said event. We are looking forward to a fair number of participants from each batch (at least).

Venue for the said meeting is yet to be determined. Any suggestion is welcome. Interested parties may PM me their contact numbers for easier communication.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you soon.

Ma. Nerliza Arididon-Centeno
Over-All Batch CoordinatorClass 1985 - 1986